Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Overdue Recap: Kings of Leon & We Are Scientists @ HoB 10.12.08

I didn't plan on going to the Kings of Leon/We Are Scientists show at the House of Blues, but I got an e-mail from Andrew who writes Amateur Chemist that he was on the list and had an extra ticket so I took up him up on his offer. This is a short post, but you can read it all after the jump.

I missed The Stills entirely, but I made sure to post up near the front to catch all of We Are Scientists. I love their stage banter and their performance was great; I mean, it won't ever be like the Casbah show, but it was pretty damn awesome.

When WAS finished, the crowd thickened and people got pushy. I was trying to hold my spot and was hanging with Nick and his roommate when some chick decided to use me as her backrest. We exchanged words and it took everything I had not to knock her out. I hate getting that feeling at shows and it made me realize that's probably why I like taking pictures, because it gives me something to do and allows me to zone out from people around me. Since there's no cell service in the House of Blues, I never did find Andrew. Once Kings of Leon started, I lasted exactly 2 songs before I was over the crowd pushing and getting the spike of some chick's heels on the top of my foot. I think the problem is that now that the House of Blues opens the Delta Room, they're allowed to count the capacity of that room and sell another 200 tickets. The problem is, for a show like this one, everyone is in the concert hall, not in the Delta Room, so there's not room to stand. I moved around the room trying to find a place to watch but just couldn't see. I went into the Delta Room and bumped into Josh and talked to him for a while, caught some more of the show, but once they played "Sex on Fire" and "On Call" I was over it. You can read ChickRawker's review here and you should because she's clearly a bigger fan than I am.

I left the show and decided to swing by Radio Room to catch the show there, but Break House had already finished and Someday Assassin and Firethorn had canceled, so I hung out with Evan and John briefly before heading home and calling it a night.

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Amateur Chemist said...

Sorry I missed ya. It wasn't as pushy on the other side. I will probably be back in SD soon.