Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Overdue Recap: Wolves in the Throne Room, Nachtmystium, Breakhouse @ Casbah

One thing I've really enjoyed about creating this website is the number of people I've met, via e-mail and eventually in person, because I've been turned on to many bands on a local and national level that I might have otherwise not been privy to meeting or seeing. So it was that a tall stranger came up to me wishing me a happy birthday at the Adams Avenue Street Fair. I'd never met or seen Evan before, but I was flattered and ecstatic that a total stranger to me reached out in such a personal way. Since then, I've gotten to know Evan a bit more and we've hung out at a couple shows and on October 13, I finally got the chance to see his band.

Firethorn was supposed to play the show but had to cancel and handed the slot to Breakhouse. While I'll admit that the bands rock grooves with a touch of funk were perhaps missmatched with the melt-your-face black metal of Wolves in the Throne Room and Nachtmystium, I tend to like the mixed bag we sometimes get for Anti-Monday League shows. Click 'keep on reading' for the full post.

Breakhouse started the night with high energy and had done a good job of getting a handful of their friends to arrive early to catch the whole set. John's vocal stylings, where his Carolina accent sneaks out, is powerful and takes hints from 90's rock like Filter or Bush while updating it for today, guided by Justin's heavy bass lines, Evan's guitar, and Loren's Rush-influenced drumming (and massive drum kit).

Breakhouse "Hospital"

As for the rest of the show, I'm not going to pretend to know how to write about black metal except it's loud, frantic, thrashing, and I didn't understand a single word coming from either vocalist. I had forgotten my Ear Love earplugs, but thankfully found some foam ones I keep as backup. If it means anything, I was more in Nachtmystium than Wolves, though I don't know if it was just a little more melodic (for what that's worth relative to black metal) or they just had the better hair. Either way, I had a good time broadening my horizons and hanging with friends old and new for another Anti-Monday League.


Wolves In The Throne Room

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\m/ said...

awesome, i never imagined you going to see Wolves in the Throne Room and Nachtmystium