Monday, October 06, 2008

Overdue Recap: The Luxury & Apes of Wrath, Casbah, 9.22.08

I would like to be really delicate about how I write this, because I don't know who was had to make the call for the way things went down, but it made me uncomfortable. I had planned on going to see The Luxury (from Boston) and Apes of Wrath at the Anti-Monday League show on September 22 for some time. I didn't preview the show because I'd gotten busy and figured that the usual Anti-Monday Leaguers would show up, especially for local favorites Apes of Wrath. I'll just say that the early bands got kinda screwed. More if you 'keep on reading'.

Cold War Kids decided to have their CD release show at the Casbah on the same night, and instead of combining the shows, they were managed separately. People were told that if they were inside for the first show, they'd have to leave the venue and get in line for the second show, which by 9 was already over 100 people long. So, most people, knowing they were going to see Cold War Kids for a rare performance back in a small venue, plus get a free CD, all for $10, naturally didn't want to risk not getting in for the second show. This basically meant there were about 15 people at the Anti-Monday League show, which was really sad, because while we already know Apes are great, The Luxury were on a self funded tour and probably won't be back anytime soon. Like I said, I don't know whose decision it was (though I have a strong feeling it was CWK's label), but it would've been cool to just combine the shows, charge $15 at the door, and have those 300 people in line inside catching the early show, not to mention spending money inside the venue.

All of that said, it was great to see Apes of Wrath's full set since I always seem to miss them entirely or just catch a part of their set. I am not the only one who believes they're one of San Diego's best acts of the moment, and all the guys are total sweethearts, too.

I was slightly familiar with The Luxury via a press release and I was supposed to run a contest giveaway for tickets to their show and in retrospect, I wish I had because they were really, really good. I know it was disheartening for them to play knowing that there was a huge crowd amassing outside the venue but they played with a lot of heart and they've got some great music and stellar vocals. After the show, I met Jason, the singer, who gave me a CD which I have been listening to a lot lately; I guess I would only say I would've liked to have heard them play some of the ballads because the recording is beautiful, but I think they were also given a shorter set time than they would've otherwise had.

The Luxury "Covered In Smiles"

Incidentally, the Casbah did end up letting most of the people who took their chances pay for the second show and stay inside, though I understand why they couldn't publicly announce that they would do so. I had the good fortune of getting to hear CWK sound check while they closed the doors to the venue and kept the crowd on the patio and in the Atari Lounge. It was a very late show by the time CWK hit the stage, but generally I think the crowd got what they wanted, but I'll save that for another post.

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