Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote No On Prop 8

Somebody asked me if I was going to do political endorsements. I've made my presidential choice very clear, and I added some links on the side that are important issues to me. As far as local candidates and props, I haven't decided on everything, but one issue that is very important to me is that all people are treated equally and with dignity under our state's constitution. Prop 8, and the hateful, lying, and deceptive campaign of fear is NOT what we as Californians stand for and the fact that the margin is so close makes me just really, really sad.

Remember back to this shining moment from our mayor??

Frankly, I cannot wait until next week to come because the hate and fear and xenophobia and racism that have been kicked up in political races from the local level all the way to the national level are frankly embarrassing. My wish is that truth and hope prevail, yet even with all the polling, I have to say I'm scared.

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Lazy John said...

Another good one would have been that USA snowboarder who celebrated what she thought was a gold medal with a kick flip, only to lose control of her board - and the medal to a German.

I'm heterosexual. I'm married. I oppose Prop 8. There has yet to be a pro-8 person who has convinced me that my wife will leave me if gays can get married.

I also oppose Prop. 4. It claims to protect children from predators, but it actually does more to harm them - if Prop 4 passes, a biological father can molest his daughter and impregnate her, and he would have to be notified by law if she sought an abortion.

I also oppose Prop 12. As the son of a 20-year Navy veteran who spent an additional 20 years working for the Department of Defense, I believe that such benefits should be reserved for those who at least serve in a combat zone and at most for those who actually take part in combat. Such benefits shouldn't be provided for people merely because they chose the military for a career. I'm a high school teacher and, statistically, my job is more dangerous than that of a prison guard. I don't get any special home-buying privileges.