Friday, June 18, 2010


It's recently come to my attention that several bands have changed names or are in the process...or forming new projects...or...whatever. Who can keep up? Here's a guide to try to keep it straight. And I probably have it wrong, too...

Arrows changed to will now be called lesands.

Apes of Wrath will now be known as New Mexico with a slightly different sound...but not to be confused with John Meeks and The New Mexicans (the name he sometimes gives his support band)

The Watusis used to be The Atoms, but you already knew that, right?

Tropical Popsicle is the side project of Timothy Hines of Lights On.

Low Volts is Tim Lowman, bassist for Blackout Party.

Black Swans is Jon Piotrowski of Demasiado.

Inkblot Propaganda is Jordan of Primitive Noyes & Grey Ghosts

The Makeup Sex is O's band (basically Fluf?)

Vegetarian Werewolf is the project of John Paul of The Hot Moon/Grand Ole Party

I'm also getting wind of a bunch of breakups and makeups. So hard to keep it all straight sometimes. Got more info for me? Send me your news at sddialedin at gmail.

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