Friday, June 11, 2010

PR Pile: Bands Coming To San Diego

I let myself get 200 e-mails behind this week, so as I work through them (and watch La Copa Mundial), I'll share some links with bands that are coming soon. Maybe you'll see how much fun a mailbox full of press releases really can be on a Friday morning (of course, I'm skipping a boatload, but if a band isn't touring to San Diego, they just get filed away)

Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants (Hensley's Flying Elephant, 6/12):
"I wrote 'Get Along' about moving out to NYC and having an old friendship fall apart. It made me want to run back to California (which I ultimately did)."
"Get Along"

Soft Tags (Radio Room, June 16):
"Soft Tags keep the spirit of lo-fi alive with four-track opuses that gleam like excavated relics. Richard Shirk's vocals occasionally poke their way out of the murky froth like a Pentacostal howler, while chords are bludgeoned with all the subtlety of a battering ram. Live, acoustic guitars are cranked through amplifiers and the drum setup dispenses with cymbals entirely, for a thumping, simplistic groove that will have your foot stomping the earth and your fist unconsciously crushing your can of beer." Portland Mercury
Download Pine Barrens (right click, save as)

Whitman (Tin Can, June 16):
"A mix of narrative songwriting, driving guitars, ever shifting backing beats, and haunting organ whorls create the quartet’s signature sound."
"Light It Up"

Rooftop Vigilantes (Soda Bar, June 16):
"The unsigned Lawrence, KS four-piece have been bowling over folks like Spin Magazine, Stereogum, Brooklynvegan and Impose Magazine with their contagious sweat soaked garage pop."
Download "Seth No Jump" (right click to download) Band MySpace

Snuffaluffagus (Che Cafe, 6/19):
"Snuffaluffagus, a musical endeavor created by songwriter Chris Braciszewski, was born out of a home studio project in his hometown San Diego and, over the last couple of years, has progressed into a collective of collaborating musicians basing their creative stylings around central ideas and concept albums."
Band MySpace

Magic Bullets (Casbah, 7/2)
Full album streaming on AOL Spinner

The Vicious Guns (Soda Bar, 7/14):
"The Vicious Guns give you a whirling electric glam punk sound"
Band site

The Dig (House of Blues, 7/16):
"These are the kind of songs you want to have along for a long car ride in the summer, windows rolled down, speakers blasting." - Pop Wreckoning
Daytrotter Session

Drink Up Buttercup (Soda Bar, 7/19):
"The Bucks County, Pa quartet's debut record takes elements of '60s psychedelic pop that seems to be en vogue and molds it to be their own..." Filter
Check out their Daytrotter Session

Places And Numbers (Epicentre, 7/24):
"Places And Numbers is Bobby Darling-- former guitarist for critically acclaimed art rockers Gatsbys American Dream...the Waking The Dead EP is a study in digital composition-meets-raw, revealing, unapologetic lyrics."
Download "Waking The Dead" (Right click, save as)

A Rocket To The Moon (House of Blues, 9/18):
(tour support for Hanson)
"A Rocket to the Moon is going no where but up, expect them to be around for awhile. You’d be silly if you weren’t on their side." – Musiqtone

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Cricket Wireless, 9/28)
"Every ticket purchased to the tour comes with a download of the new album delivered via email on its June 15 release date."
Watch three performance videos from the new album, Mojo, at or on YouTube.

A piece of random information: is looking for a new, independent band to sing a new batch of catchy jingles – and, they are currently accepting submissions online. They have already conducted live searches in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, but wanted to democratize the process by opening it up online, too. Click here for info.

And because I love them, Fanfarlo released a new video for "Fire Escape"

Got through less than half but I have big plans today and tonight, so I'll have to get back with more later. Enjoy.

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