Monday, June 21, 2010

An Introduction from Michael Klayman

Most of you probably don't know me so here's a brief introduction. I'm a huge local music fan and try to make it out to a rock or jazz show at least once a week. Most of the time, I bring my camera.

I usually refuse to be a guest blogger on other peoples' sites. I figure that if anybody's interested in seeing my work, they can find my blog. But when Rosey asked me to do some posts here, I had to reconsider. She has been a fixture on the local music scene for years, and has always helped me out whenever she could. For that I am grateful, and I'm honored to be a contributor.

Rosey got me in to last month's Birch North Park Theatre show, featuring Dirty Sweet, Transfer, The Silent Comedy, and Apes of Wrath (now called New Mexico). It was a fantastic show and I'd like to show a group photo from each band here, in order of appearance.

Apes of Wrath (New Mexico)

The Silent Comedy


Dirty Sweet

You can see more photos on my blog at I hope you like them. My next post will be photos from last Sunday's Tortoise show.

Michael Klayman

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