Saturday, June 05, 2010

Trashcan Sinatras, Coach House, 6.3.10

Trashcan Sinatras performed Thursday night at the Coach House, their closest stop to San Diego. I have to say that they tried a San Diego date, but spots were booked, so it's not that they don't love coming here, it just didn't work out this time around. They were great, as always, playing a mix from their latest In The Music as well as a sampling from previous records and even a b-side. They have a very devoted following, so it was no surprise to run into some friends we made the last time they played the Coach House. I have to say that is such a weird venue. Long tables run perpendicular to the stage, and seating is based on if you're eating dinner or not, but as last time, when the opener finished, we helped ourselves to some empty seats right in front of the stage.

Brad kept notes on the setlist, so here it is:

The Wild Mountainside
I Wish You'd Met Her
Easy on the Eye
Send for Henny
All the Dark Horses
In the Music
Free Time
I Hung My Harp
Town Fox
I See the Moon
Obscurity Knocks
Oranges and Apples
Easy Read
The Engine

Per usual, I was shy about video at first, but realized that others were shooting so I followed suit and captured most of the set. Besides the bands easy-going nature on stage, joking about the seated crowd, and laughing about a wayward cymbal during the first song and a broken guitar strap in the second, was that I got a tweet after the show, from the band (or whomever runs their twitter account) that they were sorry they didn't play "Weightlifting" after I tweeted that I was bummed they skipped it. Fan interaction is what makes a show and keeps the loyal fans returning tour after tour.

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Tyler said...

Here's a recording I made of them at The Casbah in 2005

it was my 24th b-day and I was hitting 4 shows at 4 venues in one night. I had come to the Casbah only to see Matt Costa (in one of his first 'full band' shows as he was just about to blow up and open for Jack Johnson: and my friends I bumped into at the show INSISTED that I stay for Trashcan Sinatras. They really had a fun vibe, and listening to that Casbah 2005 show again it reminds me how fun that night was ...