Sunday, June 13, 2010

Uncle Bob Needs Our Help!

Bob Bennett, Casbah partner and longtime bartender since the days of the Pink Panther, recently underwent knee surgery after a fall. In the process that he's going through physical rehab, he decided it was time to go through the other kind of rehab to kick his drinking. As he told CityBeat, “The main reason I’m going to stop bartending is because I couldn’t control not drinking, and alcohol became a pretty big problem with me,” Bennett explains. “This is the second time I’m going to try treatment to stop drinking for good.”

The lineup for the show is phenomenal: Transfer, Furious IV, Ziggy Shuffledust and the Spiders From Mars, and Wirepony in the Atari Lounge. Tickets are $20.

Additionally, raffle tickets will be for sale at the event, with great prizes and gift certificates from Riviera, Starlite, Bite, Ocean Minded, Dekline, M-Theory, Lucha Libre and more. I hear there's also a lifetime Casbah pass in the raffle, which is priceless.

For any out-of-towners who know and love Bob, but can't be here for the show, you can donate via the widget below.

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