Wednesday, June 30, 2010

San Diego: Always Changing, Always Growing

I was out running around with Tim Pyles today. It's become our Wednesday tradition- he picks me up a little before noon, we have a meeting at the Casbah, then we bounce around, finding lunch and running errands and generally cruising around.

Today involved a stop in at a new soccer store (or futbol/football/footie, if you wanna be international about it). It's called BOCA and opened 3 weeks ago, the day before the World Cup started. Since my illustrious college soccer career ended over a decade ago, I haven't had much cause to seek out soccer shops, but we popped in and it's so cool. Located at 1919 San Diego Avenue (which runs parallel to the 5 between Washington and Old Town), the store has all your soccer needs- jerseys, cleats, bags, shoes, shin guards, etc., but what is really cool about it is they have a room with two huge leather sectionals and two giant screen televisions where they show World Cup games. During games they serve coffee and donuts, and there's a huge plate glass window that overlooks the freeway and airport. It's open to the public and I just might have to catch a game there. It's also headquarters of the San Diego BOCA FC. The last game of the NPSL (National Pro Soccer League?) season is this Saturday night at Helix High School at 7 pm and we were told that the store has free tickets for the asking (available tomorrow).

Our second stop was at M-Theory Records. This Saturday they have an all day event with great bands, a sidewalk sale, and beer. And it's free! The sidewalk sale starts at 10 am. Band schedule below:

12:30-1 pm- The Preteens
1:20-2 pm Team Abraham
2:20-3 pm New Mexico (formerly Apes of Wrath)
3:30-4 pm The Watusis (formerly The Atoms)
4:20-5 pm So Many Wizards
5:20-6 pm Michael Rosas (of Satisfaction)
6:20-7 pm Boyscout
7:20-8 pm Jungle Fever

We had lunch at Mama Testa, which was featured on Throwdown with Bobby Flay from the Food Network. Apparently the episode re-airs next week, so if you wanna get your fill, do it before the swarms see the episode. I can attest that since Lucha Libre was featured on Man vs Food that lines go out the door when our local eateries are featured on national TV shows.

We popped in to Ray's Tennis, which is pretty much unchanged since I was a kid trying to convince my mom to buy me cute tennis skirts instead of the ghetto shorts I wore to my classes and tournaments. But even more interesting than that was that in the middle of the street, there was a guy working on his laptop. We asked what he was doing and he told us he was setting up the LED lighting for University Avenue. The Hillcrest Business Association raised money for the project, which basically lights up the trees and plants in the median of University for 3 blocks. There's a block party tomorrow to celebrate the investment, and he said that while most of the year, the lights will just be white, during holidays and special events they can be programmed to be their own little light show. Keep an eye out, Hillcrest!

Anyhow, I always tweet this stuff, but I'll try to make a point to chronicle these little bits I pick up in my daily life. My afternoon is now wide should I work on some old photo posts or get out and check out the hood? There's the Adams Avenue Farmers Market happening right now (3-7pm at Adams Elementary), there's 30th on 30th starting in a bit, where local eateries open their doors and offer small plate offerings of food along with drink specials.

So much to do. I may be broke, I may be unemployed, but I sure do love this city.

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