Friday, June 04, 2010

Miike Snow at the Belly Up, 6.1.10

My partners over at SoundDiego posted a review of Miike Snow, but I gotta say that my experience at the show was really different from theirs. I'm not really sure what didn't sit well with me at the show. Perhaps I prefer comforting music to blanket me over loud bass and synths coupled with lasers and fog machines; maybe it was just too much sensory overload. Maybe I was slightly annoyed that my camera was mistaken for a pro camera (not even close) so there was no reasoning with the security guard that it was allowed. (2nd time the same guy has said something; I had my backup, fortunately). Maybe it was just too well produced. Maybe it was too close to club music for my tastes. Whatever it was, I haven't really felt so unaffected by a performance. I didn't connect. I tried.

What's funny is that my camera actually captured the show better than I did in real overbearing smell-o-vision, no rumbling body from way too much bass. On it's own, the music is incredible, but this was a stage show made for a stadium or festival. Perhaps tapered a bit and I might've been more pleased. Friends said it was better appreciated from further back in the room. Be that as it may, I was still appreciative that I got the chance to be there to see the show for myself, and I was proud of my city for selling out both the Casbah for the Melvins and the Belly Up for Miike Snow on a Tuesday night.

Here are the videos I took from the night. Click the right or left arrows to navigate through the playlist.

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