Sunday, June 20, 2010

Airborne Toxic Event Support Amnesty International with "Neda"

I suspect that most of my readers have some web savvy and interest in pop culture and current events...I mean, if you read a local blog, chances are you're reading twitter, facebook, have an RSS feed, and 18 other web pitstops before you get here, so I shouldn't have to explain Neda. Just to refresh your memory, she was a student involved in peaceful protests after the Iranian election in 2009, and was shot with a single bullet...and it was caught on video and posted online.

Many tributes in various art forms have been created to celebrate Neda's life, the innocence lost, the struggle to get fair elections in Iran and all over the world. If you have HBO, I urge you to watch "For Neda" which is currently On Demand. To help the cause or to just get more information, please click here.

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