Thursday, October 25, 2012

Under the Radar: Night Moves @ Soda Bar Friday October 26, 2012

While it normally takes most bands a while to gain their footing musically, Minneapolis indie rockers Night Moves seem to have come out of nowhere packing quite a punch. The foursome (5 piece live) recently re-released a slightly changed version of their initial full length, Colored Emotions, via Domino Records. The album is a combination of many styles such as psychedelic, pop, soul, country twang and pop to name a few. The sound is their own and has been honed for the live setting. The current tour is the first chance for those in the cities on their tour map (lucky us) to see the band and find out what the buzz is all about. Don't miss the chance to see Night Moves this Friday @ Soda Bar. You can tell those who weren't there just how great the show was that they unfortunately missed.

Ditches and Future You set the stage.

Watch a live video of Horses below.

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