Friday, October 05, 2012

On The Horizon: The Helio Sequence @ The Irenic Saturday October 6, 2012

It seems music fans have always had a love affair with bands comprised solely of two members. A reason might be the crucial need for duos to effectively work in sync with one another. Once this harmonious relationship achieves success the group reaches a certain level of popularity which may or may not grow. This brings me to the Portland-based indie band The Helio Sequence. Forming in 1999 the duo has shifted their sound from a more ambient to a more structured sound. Interestingly, much of the paradigm shift was due to singer/guitarist Brandon Summers damaging his vocal chords during previous touring. This required a different vocal approach, hence the newer relaxed vocals on their latest release, Negotiations. This marked the bands third release for indie label Sub Pop Records. The other band member, Benjamin Weikel, plays drums and keyboards. It is easy to become transfixed on his impressive live delivery.

In short, this is a band that has been able to move forward in spite of losing their previous recording space due to major flood damage. The resulting relocation to a larger space has resulted in a fuller sound from THS. It has been some time since the band has played San Diego, and The Irenic should be the perfect space in which to see them in a live setting. Please remember this in an all ages show with an early start. This is a show which should be well worth the time. Tickets can be purchased here.

Slowdance sets the stage.

(Update: Jeff posted this in late September, but the show is Saturday, October 6, so I thought it was worth reposting. It is all ages and tickets are still available. Doors at 7pm, show starts at 7:30pm and will be over by 10:30pm)

Watch a video of Hall of Mirrors below.

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