Thursday, September 06, 2007

News In The Music Biz

I'm probably gonna spend Thursday with my niece and my sister, so let me post all the news clippings worth reading:

Strange and tragic death of musician Carter Albrecht, member of Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians and Dallas band "Sorta". Other reports here.

Luciano Pavorotti died. Stories here.

Rockabilly queen Janis Martin dies at 67. Stories here.

An LA Times Review of my neighbor, Gregory Page's "Love Made Me Drunk" here.

My boys in Swim Party have changed plans from recording an EP to a full LP, read the details hereand listen to the Black Box track on their MySpace page here.

I feel bad I didn't mention this last week, but Augustana is back in the studio recording their next album. They're temporarily living in LA as they do so and I've been promised rough cuts of their new material as it's available. But read about it here. Jared told me that they have completely reworked some of the songs they had presented earlier. So the song below is not going to sound anything like it does below, and according to Jared, it works. I'm gonna hold him to sending me rough cuts, you can count on it, but in the meantime, here's the old acoustic version of the song.

Augustana, "I'll Meet You There Someday"

And I told you I was listening to new music all day, as I wallowed in my feeling sick, so let me say that some of the CDs I have are great.

Eulogies, as I mentioned, will have their full length out on September 11. They'll be at the Beauty Bar on November 8 with Film School. Listen here.

Sea Wolf had an amazing EP and now the full length is going to be available on September 25. Listen to a sample track here or watch a live session here. Both Eulogies and Sea Wolf are part of the amazing group of bands that Dangerbird has signed on and there's not a band or artist yet that has disappointed me.

Eenie Meenie Records (Great Northern) is proud to have LA band Division Day on their roster. Their full length, Beartrap Island, will be out on October 2. I listened to the CD today and though I'd been "MySpace friends" with the band for some time, there has been definite growth and I look forward to their unleashing unto the world. Check them out on MySpace here.

I received an album by Jesca Hoop, but read about it before I actually listened. We all know I'm partial to male vocals, but if you like women like Imogen Heap or Kate Havnevik crossed with Sinead Lohan, you'll love Jesca's album "Kismet" out on September 18. Take a listen at her MySpace page here.

And last, Eskimo Joe is yet another band from Australia that has won me over in one listen. I guess I'm also partial to the packaging, which not only includes a 12 track CD but a 4 track bonus DVD. The album is Black Fingernails Red Wine available September 25. They were part of the LiveEarth concert and to these ears sound like Rob Thomas singing lead for a modern day INXS. That is meant in the most positive way it can sound to a bunch of indie music snobs, because both references are some of my favorite musicians of the past and stuff that I still listen to now without any irony. Check out some tracks on their MySpace here.

And I guess the biggest news of the day is how Roses On Her Grave lead singer CJ Gladstone disses the San Diego scene in a big way in this week's Blurt. For shame. A dog never shits where he eats. CJ should not either.

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