Friday, September 21, 2007

Street Scene: My Picks

People keep asking me why I'm going to Street Scene. My simple answer, because I bought tickets and I'm cheap and when I spend money on something I better damn well learn to love it. But honestly, I'm looking forward to this weekend, taking the good with the bad (like paid parking at a site where there is no alternative).

So here's where I plan on being this weekend:

Carina Round, 1 pm, Coronado Stage
Dynamite Walls, 2:10 pm, Plaza De Mexico Stage
Matt Costa, 3:55 pm, Coronado Stage
Los Jaguares, 4:45 pm, Pacific Stage
Kinky, 5:20 pm, Captain Morgan Stage
Augustana, 6:40 pm, Pacific Stage

Not Really sure after that how late I'll stay... I wanna see Muse, but Sunday will be a big day and I've seen G Love about a dozen times already. There's definitely plenty of bands I've never seen and I'll wander a ponder and see if I can make it through Muse who don't take the stage until 10:15 pm.

Sunday I have a lot of friends going to the show, so I'll kinda go with the flow, but here's what's on my radar:

Elvis Perkins In Dearland, 12:25, Coronado Stage
Dios, 1:15, Coronado Stage
Voxtrot, 2:35, Captain Morgan Stage
Mute Math, 3:10, Wrigley's 5 Stage
Sondre Lerche, 3:25, Coronado Stage
The Album Leaf 4:20, Wrigley's 5 Stage

From here, I'll be stage hopping...Editors, Sweet & Tender Hooligans (gotta meet Joe Escalante), Paolo Nutini, CYHSY, then Spoon. Then break and take it all in.

Louis XIV, 7:05, Pacific Stage
Air, 8:05, Wrigley's 5 Stage
Arctic Monkeys, 8:15, Pacific Stage

then I think I'll call it a day so I can come back and write all my blog postings for y'all. We'll see. I usually go without a plan because I never stick to one anyway, but we'll see how I do in sticking to this loose plan.

If ya see me, be sure to say hi. Or even better, I'll let you buy me a beer :)

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jshufelt said...

The Muse show really packaged compared to previous. I like it except for lifting at the pre-teens out of the pits. I felt like a bouncer, not what I paid 60 bucks for.... probably will not go to an under 21 event like this with no beer garden.