Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Birthday Festivities

Since this is my easiest way to contact my friends, I'm letting everyone know that while I loved having a big 30th blowout last year, this year I'm kinda 'eh' about my birthday. So in place of a party here are some ways you can come celebrate my 31st birthday with me:

Thursday Night: Wine Cabana In Old Town. 7:30 pm. Every month, Wine Cabana has a night celebrating that month's birthdays, so anyone born in September gets a free glass of champagne and all their friends get to come and enjoy some of the free appetizers and at 9 pm they have cake. Simple, mellow, but if you can make it, let me know. If there are too many of us, I'd like to reserve a cabana. 2539 Congress Street, Old Town. Around the corner from Rockin Baja Lobster. Walking distance to the trolley. Come before the National at the Casbah.

Friday Night (my actual birthday): Bar Pink Elephant. That's where I'll be if you wanna come by and say hello.

Saturday Night: Adams Avenue Street Fair. I'll be walking to the street fair from Kensington if anyone would like to pre-meet at my house in Kensington and walk over. I plan on leaving my house around noon.

Please don't think you need a personal invitation...if you know me "irl" then I'd love to see friendly faces out at some point this weekend. I just got on the ball late and with the new neighbors, a party is just really not feasible.

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Reelmandy said...

you're welcome to have an afterparty here on one of those nights!