Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Street Scene Preview: Paolo Nutini

I've got no recap today since I didn't make it out to the Casbah last night. Had to get some shit in order, clean house, that sort of thing...but as I've been lingering around the house I've been listening to Paolo Nutini... a lot. I got to see him at the tail end of his in-store at M-Theory earlier this summer and caught the end of his KPRI private listener show at the Abbey the same night and the boy blew me away. Not the typical stuff I listen to, but if you're gonna be at Street Scene this weekend, make sure you do not miss Paolo on Sunday (5:05 on the Pacific Stage).

Paolo Nutini "Rewind"

"...and I'm dealing with dilemmas in my now so stressful life
I'm drinking stronger spirits, made my home here on the floor
and I'm losing all ambition and goals
I'm going all out, I'm thinking you're just as bad

I'm not sleeping at night, but I'm going from bar to bar
why can't we just rewind?"

Yeah, getting this life in order, slowly but surely.

By the way, it looks like an old friend came through for me, so I'm selling my Street Scene tickets. $100 for both days. I'm putting it on CL too so if you're interested, let me know. I'll still be there.

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Tania said...

really? I didn't like his cd. I got it several months back and i gave it a shot and wasn't impressed. I actually removed it from my cd player and chucked it. I'll have to stop by and check him out live, maybe it'll change my mind.