Friday, September 14, 2007

Band of Horses Poo

I thought I was never gonna write about Band of Horses again, but the dude just can't let it go. I saw this story on Stereogum a couple days ago about Band of Horses selling "Funeral" to be used on the Walmart website as well as an upcoming Ford commercial. I wasn't gonna say nuthin'. Then I see that it was addressed on Pitchfork and as they do there, they gave him a chance to voice his side of the story, or at least respond to accusations of "selling out" or whatever. Since he kinda brings me up again, I'm posting his letter here.

Dear friends,

As you may have heard, there's been some recent discussion of a couple of licenses for BoH songs. Just to provide some clarification...

I did allow Wal-Mart to use a song for a new website they created and have also given permission to Ford Motor Company to license a song from our new album. Because some people see Wal-Mart as a huge, evil corporation, they seem to be especially bummed about this license and see us as posers and/or corporate whores as a result.

I'd like to just state for the record that we let all kinds of folks use our songs in all kinds of mediums - TV, films, school projects, etc... My personal stance is that once that music is recorded and released to the world then I don't really care where it goes. "The Funeral" has been licensed to death (ha, wretch) at this point and if somebody wants to throw down some duckets for it, then feel free. It also beats the hell out of stealing batteries from Wal-Mart to sell them back for 8 bucks.

As for Ford: I drive a 1986 F-150 that still runs great. Maybe I'll get the a/c fixed with the cash they kicked down. I'm also stoked that people will hear our song on TV and we might pick up some new listeners in the process. I see no negative.

That's our reasoning and I'm okay with it. I hope fans of the band are, too.

We promise to use the money to buy camcorders (at Wal-Mart) for people to film "The Funeral," so I can get mad and crap my diaper. Fuck it.

Does the guy have the biggest chip on his shoulder or what? Yes, Ben, the world is out to get you.

Incidentally, Band of Horses will not be playing San Diego on their fall tour.


milsom said...

it sounds like he is making fun of himself. let it go. the 'incident' is small potatoes and should be forgotten.

seth c said...

as much as i hate wal-mart, i look at it like this... if SOMEONE (boh)on our side of the fence (regular folk) happens to make some money off of them (walmart), awesome!

yes, walmart is evil, BUT...

BOH hasnt changed what they do to suit an audience, so i fail to see how they've sold out.

if walmart wants to spend their money, why not be happy that it's going to a band we love, and not some politician's campaign fund?