Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Roses On Her Grave Video Shoot Tonight

Woah, did you read all the comments about the Blurt posting about Roses On Her Grave last week? I wrote a response from singer CJ Gladstone here but if you missed all the drama, check out the Blurt item here, then scroll down for all the comments. Everyone just needs to relax. And, as a personal aside to Molly, if I learned anything from my whole Band of Horses fiasco, no matter how tempting it might be to defend yourself when people talk shit, sometimes you just have to let it roll off; eventually people will defend you and you don't need to get involved and most people who have the ability to post comments anonymously will be rude online simply because they can. There's a reason they're called trolls.

Anyway, for those people who are fans of Roses on Her Grave, why not check out their music video shoot this afternoon?

We are shooting a video for "She got a gun", the song has been selected by the
American Paint Ball Association to be used as their '07 theme song and are
playing the video throughout all games. The video will be seen by 40,000
weekly. We will be filming at Winston's in OB at 6:30PM today(Wed). Come down
mention this post and get a free CD!

Go show the band some love and be in their vid.

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