Monday, September 10, 2007

Friday: Harley Davidson San Diego presents Diablo Dimes

It was interesting to see Diablo Dimes for a second night in a row, this time seeing him perform solo. Apparently, he blew out his voice at TNT the night before, so throughout his performance he kept suggesting that the crowd "close (their) eyes and imagine (he's) an 80 year old man." The wear on his voice gave him the sound of a 1930's troubadour with the gravel in his voice akin to Tom Waits.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It was kind of an open house at San Diego Harley Davidson- a chance to show the new model year 2008 bikes as well as participating in "Kettner Nights". There was beer and snacks and people just chatting and wandering around the store. If you've never been, it's worth checking out. From the street, it appears to be a small storefront, but the buillding is huge and there are a ton of bikes on display as well as cool Harley merch; shot glasses, apparrel, jewelery, and a case of random things like zippos, watches, and a Harley imprinted axe. (An axe? Never know when you might need one, I guess.) Ty, the GM, was super cool and it was a fun time to just chill. A group of my friends came out and we hung out until Diablo finished up his second set. My only complaint was one guy kinda getting in people's face about tipping. For an "open house" event, the tip jar is pretty obvious enough to most adults, and if they brought cash, they'd pony up to leave a tip to the girl opening their cans and bottles of beer. Having someone kinda demand a tip was a little obnoxious, and I don't even think he worked there. (I hope he doesn't, anyway)

Anyway, it was a good time there, but something made me sick. Don't know if it was just kinda getting sick again, or still fighting whatever I had at the week before, or the change in weather, but I had hopes of a big Friday and instead went home thinking I would lay down for a little bit and instead crashed out. I missed John Vanderslice at the Casbah, missed the show at the Ken, missed all of Friday night basically. I hate it when that happens, but sometimes, you can't fight what your body is telling you.

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