Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The World Famous Da Bears Give Away Music For Free

I'm loving San Diego bands today; the funny thing is how much national press/blogs are covering what is just under our noses.

The World Famous Da Bears have an article about them on Exclaim!, a Canadian website and magazine. From the article: "...the band have done an amazing thing: they’ve decided to give away their music. No, no, I’m not talking about a couple of MP3s on MySpace or a friend’s blog. I’m talking about two albums and a couple of demo EPs. "

For the link to their free music, click here.


Unknown said...

Um, how exactly is giving away albums "an amazing thing"? Back in the pre-download days (I know, shut up) that was a standard marketing method for new acts.


if you like supporting local music, you can also buy their album off paypal or itunes. the album comes with awesome artwork and a 2 sided poster and its only like $8 or $10.