Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Recap: Magnolia Electric Co., Golden Boots, Minmae at the Casbah

I'm happy to report that I did pull myself away from the crap that was the 2007 VMAs and headed to the Casbah to see Magnolia Electric Company, Golden Boots, and Minmae. I arrived while Minmae was already playing so I didn't get to hear much, but I really enjoyed them a lot. They had some epic and soaring guitars that could've gone with a grimy rock voice just as well as it matched the more subtle folkish vocals of Minmae. Unfortunately I only caught their final two songs, so I'll have to check out more of their goods.

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Golden Boots are from Arizona and the four piece alternate vocals. One had a higher Neil Young-type voice while the other had a twangy voice to complement their alt country style (or as their myspace page says, "alt alt country")

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An important note about Golden Boots: they'll be touring in January with our very own The Vision of A Dying World. The two fit together perfect with their folk rockin sensibilities.

Magnolia Electric Company closed out the night with a little over a one hour set. I have various music from Jason Molina and his projects- solo, Songs:Ohia, and Magnolia Electric Company, but looking at the merch table, I realized what a prolific songwriter he is alone and in his various incarnations. That said, the band didn't have a planned setlist, playing whatever they felt like playing, though all of it rolling into a cohesive show. Jason's voice is unique and breaks my heart every time I hear it especially when he asks, "how long sorrow is supposed to last?" or when declaring, "the only bridge I haven't burned is the one I'm standing on now." The band was excellent as well, especially the organ/keys. The band seemed altogether more chatty and friendly than the last time I saw them which was an added bonus to the evening.

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Clearly I wasn't in the mood to take many pics tonight. Still, it was a great show and I'm glad I caught it. After the show, we hung outside talking with Minmae for a bit and there was talk of after parties but I knew another night out was not what my body needed. Plus, I can't slack on this little site too long.

I'll do my best to get a proper things to do list going for this week, but some standout events that will be given more thorough attention:

Thursday night, I'm "presenting" LA band Run Run Run at the San Diego Sports Club. They're making a name for themselves and getting attention in the LA area and have played here a couple times (last time I caught them was with the Lashes as the Casbah.) Be there.

Saturday: Sessions Fest. 'Nuff said. Free show, good bands, cheap beer, great food, sun, fun, and good times all around. Golden Hill Park starting at noon.

More to come later. Check back in the late afternoon for all the week's activities and if you've got an event, send it my way.

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ジェームズ (JET) said...

I just saw these guys Monday night. I have been a fan for a while. If you want to see my somewhat entertaining recap of my experience please visit my blog.