Friday, September 07, 2007

Kristin Gundred playing with Rilo Kiley on Jimmy Kimmel

I know Natalie already posted this, but it's newsworthy and my readers have pointed me to the video, and really, it's worth posting again as far as I'm concerned. Grand Ole Party's Kristin Gundred has been doing backup vocals for Rilo Kiley as they've travelled through Europe and as a friend and a fan, there is nothing cooler than seeing someone representing San Diego on national television. Here's Kristin backing up Rilo Kiley on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

hey, just a blast from the past, here's a pic of me and my friend Ben with Jimmy Kimmel at a Superbowl party from a few years back. Yeah- geek out!

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Lazy John said...

What's the record contract status of GOP? I'd like to see them be major successes. That Kristen can belt it out; I'd love to hear her sing some old country.