Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Interview with San Diego Scream-o Band Of Hearts and Shadows

It's pretty obvious if you read this blog regularly where my general music tastes fall and I would never claim to know anything about certain musical genres. Scream-o is one of them. Still, when I came across this interview with San Diego band Of Hearts and Shadows, the band gave me the warm fuzzies. The interview demonstrates that bands can be positive and shine a light on San Diego without trying to front or step on anyone else's toes. Particularly this part:
Jesse- So I see you guys hail from San Diego... is that still your home
base, and what's the music scene like there?

OHAS- Yeah, and we still operate out of San Diego. Most of our families,
friends, and significant others all live here. They say home is where the heart
is, and OHAS's heart is definitely here in SD. The music scene is pretty
cutthroat, but kids love to go out to local shows and support the bands they
love. There's always a show going on in SD, and not just rock shows but anyone's
musical taste can be fulfilled on any given night of the week.

Good for Of Hearts and Shadows and good for San Diego. Nicely done, my friends, nicely done.

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