Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Unemployed TV Addict

With my 10 hour days at work, I never realized how awesome daytime TV can be. I never got home in time to catch the local evening news and man, what I was missing. Not that I can live on the dole forever, but at least today, after getting laundry done, cleaning my house, and having an afternoon meeting, I'm catching the news. It's all about News 8.

Stan Miller is hands down the best newscaster in town.

The story was about Russia. Apparently a governor? mayor? not really sure, but someone in Russia's government urged people to stay home from work today to make love to reproduce in an effort to quell Russia's declining birth rate. The government also promises a "prize" to anyone who has a baby in Russia exactly 9 month's from today.

Cut back to Stan. "hmmmm, I like that idea." Oh, Stan, you slay me.

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