Thursday, October 04, 2007

In retrospect, maybe a little funny?

Goodbye Blue Monday posted several myspace bulletins about a stolen car and stolen gear and whatnot. I'm not exactly clear on if the car was stolen then impounded or it never was stolen, just impounded, but I know the message was definitely posted and reposted. Happy ending is that all the equipment and the car have been recovered. Glad to hear the band can proceed with their new recordings.

hey all you people out there who've messaged me about this ordeal:

the car was found, apparently all my stuff was in it.

it was then promptly impounded for expired registration, ha ....

in the end the gear is back and the car, hopefully undamaged as well.

you know i never really thought so many people would give a shit about me, and im amazed by how many messages ive received in the past 24 or something hours.



Unknown said...

Now THAT's some Locals Only material right there...

catdirt said...

ha. if it was parked in golden hill, they probably just impounded it. meter maids have been on the WAR PATH the last few months.