Wednesday, August 18, 2010

North Park Music Thing 2010 Wrap Up

I loved my showcase at Eleven on Friday night want to once again thank all of the bands who participated. The Moviegoers were awesome as always. Itai Faierman came in super clutch when I found out d/wolves wouldn't be allowed to play. Your Cannons made the excursion from San Francisco and were phenomenal. Swim Party always brings it and it was great to celebrate Petro's birthday with that incredible bundt cake. The Kabbs also came in clutch when HRE had to unexpectedly cancel, and Boyscout melted faces right up until last call.

Michael Klayman was shooting the event and will hopefully post some photos, because I spent most of the time running around making sure everything was cool and generally attempting to play hostess. Everyone was fantastic, so again thanks to Louis, Ziggy, Doug and the rest of the staff at Eleven for being awesome. Thanks to Lain and everyone who decorated for the Sci-Fi/B-movie Prom, and thanks to those of you who dressed up. I'm sorry I suck, but thanks to Natalie for the tiara, anyway.

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