Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Photographs: Good Old War, Yukon Blonde, Audra Mae @ Soma, 6/10/2010

Here are some more old photographs (from June 10, 2010). I made a last minute decision to check out Good Old War, Yukon Blonde, Audra Mae, and locals Meseta, who were playing on the sidestage at Soma. It was a fantastic show and though I was only familiar with Audra, the crowd new every word to every Good Old War song and the kids were nice enough to let me take some photos. I didn't mean to upload these so large, but the rest of the photos are after the jump. Unfortunately I got there too late to get any decent shots of Meseta, but check those kids out. This show was a perfect example of a good lineup with bands that weren't necessarily on my radar but that I thoroughly enjoyed. Sometimes you have to take a chance on a show because you might just be surprised with a killer show.

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