Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Photographs: Greg Laswell @ Anthology, 6/11/2010

Some more old photos...Greg Laswell performed at Anthology (June 11, 2010) and it was a bit of a homecoming as well as a CD release show. I started my night at the Casbah, catching Old Tiger's debut there, then hurried to Anthology to catch the end of Brian Knight and all of Greg's set. This was a rare show at Anthology, where the tables had been moved and the crowd was standing in around the stage. Some yuppie chick with a giant purse kept pushing me with it, letting me know that she was saving her friend's spot with the luggage on her shoulder. Greg, I love you, but the more your music spreads, the more I hate your bitchy stalker fans.

Another thing of note was the ring on Greg's finger. My friend later told me that Greg and Ingrid Michaelson were wed, however this week I talked to Cary Brothers about it and he said they're engaged, but not yet married. Either way, I'm happy for the talented couple. More pictures if you click 'keep on reading' below.

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