Thursday, August 26, 2010

Old Photographs: The XX & Phantogram @ HoB, 6/8/2010

I have these folders of photos that I've never uploaded glaring at me and it's time for me to file them on to the external harddrive. Sarah & Josh from Phantogram were nice enough to get me a photopass, and while it's fun trying to get photos with such gnarly lighting, the result was very limited success. That's probably the reason why I was mentally roadblocked on this particular show and just never really even looked at my photos. That said, here's what I've got. The rest are after the jump.

Oh, and obviously I'm not going to attempt to review the show 3 months later, but it was the kind of show that casual fans probably hated but uber fans (like me) loved. It was sold out and crowded. It was pretty hilarious that between Phantogram and The XX, they attempted to flood the stage with fog which ended up so thick I couldn't see my hand 2 inches from my own face. This triggered the fire alarms and a recording (which nobody could really hear) urged everyone to evacuate. Not a single person budged, but the alarm triggered at least 3 times before the band was able to come out, sans fog machine. So I should at least be grateful that I got the photos I got because the stage-shy members of The XX probably would've preferred not to be seen at all.

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