Monday, August 30, 2010

New Brewery News: San Diego Beer Company

I didn't realize I slurred when I post. Sigh... can you even do that? There is now the mysterious brewery coming to light that has been downtown for a while but empty. They finally got thier ABC license in July and then started a facebook page last Friday. So who are these masked men you might ask? Beats me, so I investigated more. Rumor has it that they are some how linked to the Huntington Beach Beer Company. I love the query system on the ABC website. Guess what, they have the same owners. I guess that rumor is true. I haven't met any of the brewers or tasted any of their beer. Hopefully they can establish themselves downtown San Diego in an economy that has opened about 3 breweries in the last 3 months. Good Luck! (photo from

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