Monday, August 16, 2010

Tonight: Roadside Graves & Greg Gibson at West Coast Tavern (FREE SHOW!)

And that, my friends, is how you book a show...a tweet leads to a text that leads to an email chain and more texts and a super awesome bar owner willing to stick his neck out says, "why not?"

So here's all you need to know: Roadside Graves are from New Jersey and are often categorized as bluegrass, though they lean more toward indie-rockers with lots of blog love and not so much in vein of Country Music Television. Their records are out on Autumn Tone, and if you're a music blog nerd like me, you know that is the label started by Aquarium Drunkard (other artists include The Henry Clay People, Happy Hollows, J. Tillman and more) which is basically like my music bloggy idol. The band has a couple full length records out and they're on a super limited west coast run, so catch them while you can.

"With a name like the Roadside Graves, you'd think this country-rock seven-piece with New Jersey roots would be a somber crew, gravitating more towards Nebraska's murder ballads than the fired-up anthems of Born to Run. As it happens, their growing songbook encompasses both bittersweet narrative numbers (at times Dylan-esque) that tilt toward folk, and more up-and-at-'em efforts with pounding ivorie s, locomotive drums and guitar, and accordion to spare. Fans of Josh Ritter or early Wilco should find plenty to love... they're hashing out their own dusty visions of America - rousing, perambulatory, but with a macabre underside."

Roadside Graves & Greg Gibson
West Coast Tavern
2895 University Avenue
9 pm

p.s. My next show at West Coast Tavern will be on the regular Thursday night with Old Tiger!!

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