Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Death at Warped Tour

I feel like I'm prematurely posting this, but when I saw my traffic was waaay up and people were searching "Warped Tour Death" and landing on my site, as a public service (I guess), all I've found so far is this article on Absolute Punk that a 26 year old male died at the Kansas City Warped Tour stop.

Absolute Punk

I will do my best to find more information, but at this time, this is all I know. You can read the thread and speculation that it might have had something to do with the 110-115 degree temperatures. I'll put my feelers out with Warped Tour and LiveNation and see if I can get any additional info. I am really only posting this because of the very random spike in my traffic and search analytics and not everyone is keen to the up to the minute value of search on Twitter.

Twitter search thread

I really hate to get cautionary or motherly, but with recent deaths at The Love Parade, The Electric Daisy Carnival, Bonnaroo and other events, take a step back. I'm in no way blaming death on the victims, but there are some are things you can do to protect yourself...drink water...be aware of your surroundings....when a crowd is getting crazy, get away from the situation...stampedes just don't happen spontaneously. I mean, I'm sure that dude at Comic-con never thought he'd get stabbed in the eye with a pen, but fucking crazy shit happens all the time. Best to be overly cautious in such situations. The saddest things are these events are supposed to promote peace and love of our modern culture and each other. Embrace people. Even strangers. They just might save your life.

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