Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Baby Update: Johanna Franciszka

I cannot lie and tell you this is that last post about my niece Johanna, but this site is the only way to broadcast to friends and family, so bear with me. Christy and Johanna are being released from the hospital today and will be resting up and settling in at home. For those asking about a middle name, the birth cert wasn't official until today and Billy and Christy have finally decided on a full name: Johanna Franciszka Bystrak Kiernan. No hyphen, that's two middle names. Franciska is Polish for Francis (Bill's middle name), honoring our Polish heritage, and also a tribute to our Tata on the Mexican side, Francisco. Johanna was measured yesterday and was 20" long. I have added pictures from her Day 2 on the photobucket site.

Last thing for my music friends, Johanna's first "concert" will be the Adams Avenue Street Fair on September 29 & 30th (also the weekend of my 31st b-day) so we'll be busting out the Baby Bjorn and baby earplugs and she'll have her weekend in the sun.

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