Saturday, August 04, 2007

Congratulations, Kristin! Grand Ole Party on their way to being HUGE!

I was at the Beauty Bar tonight, despite fighting some major tireds and trying to get myself to motivate to get ass-in-car and head to the bar. I would've felt bad after getting guest listed (thankfully Gabe was there to say I was supposed to be on the list) and I got there as Silverbird finished up their first song. I will post about that show later, but first I wanted to congratulate Kristin Gundred of Grand Ole Party. Yeah, they're touring with Rilo Kiley in the fall, but did you know Kristin is leaving San Diego on August 12th to be a backup vocalist for Rilo on their European leg of their tour? They'll be hitting all the major and minor European summer festivals and representin'. She'll also be appearing with Rilo Kiley when they play Conan O'Brian. Holy shit! Huge things are happenin' and like the superfan I am, I'm proud and happy that someone so deserving is spreading the wings out into this crazy world in which we live.

Congrats again to Kristin.

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Unknown said...

My only concern for these guys is that they not get tagged as Rilo Kiley's pet band. Think about what happened to the Von Bondies, who were definitely tagged as Jack White's pet band: it worked for a while, but as soon as there was a perceived disagreement or rivalry between them...

Also, one other danger is if the new Rilo Kiley record doesn't do well. I haven't heard as much buzz about their new stuff as I was hearing a year or so ago.

KZ said...

I need to meet Jenny Lewis! Pleeeeeease!!! I see my children when I look in her eyes...on my computer of course.