Saturday, August 04, 2007

One Thousand Posts! Trying to Make It Special

So this is my 1,000th post on this little blog, three times as many posts than I had on my original (and now offline) blog that I wrote for three years. I wanted this post to be special, but checking my sitemeter, I discovered that the whole Band of Horses thing just can't be put to bed. I made Rolling Stone Mexico! I'm half Mexican, but with a Polish dad, I, like everyone else, learned my Spanish in school, taking six years of it, allowing me to test out of the foreign language requirement in college. So here's the link. And to Chris, who left a lovely little comment which I deleted (thanks, but your insults had all been used before and that was SOOO last month...), if you'd like to chat, feel free to IM me on AOL at rosey928. Your positive energy was astounding and your comments were oh so constructive.

Somehow, the whole thing sounds so much cooler in Spanish.

Para terminar, entre verso y coro, Ben exclamó: ´se que me estás grabando´, cosa que no resistió más la fanática y se salió del recinto. Este video ha sido puesto en Youtube y la ex-fanática, de nombre Rosemary, ha puesto en su blog todos los incidentes.
Muchas gracias, RS Mexico. Te amo.

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