Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Reposting Info: News After You've Already Heard It

1. Troy Johnson is leaving CityBeat.
Natalie Kardos had her photography featured on Pitchfork Media this week.

So why didn't I post sooner? Well, my feeling, since both Troy and Natalie are close friends of mine, and since both have blogs of their own, that it was their information to post. But, now it's out there for both, and both deserve as much credit and publicity as they can get in their endeavors.

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The funny thing I probably haven't mentioned on this blog before is that Troy and I actually met because of my old blog (taken offline in 2006). I had written about meeting him at an event and referred to him as "a tool" and apparently he found my old blog and e-mailed me and was everything but a tool. The next time I saw him at the Casbah, we were introduced and have been friends ever since. I admire Troy for the impact he's had on music in San Diego. Between Troy Johnson, Tim Mays, and Tim Pyles, you'd be hard pressed to find guys doing more to promote this town. Troy is moving on, getting his hands outta the local music scene, but I guarantee you'll still see him out on the town still supporting the music. As music editor of CityBeat, I've loved reading the weekly over the years with his input on what's going on, and it's because of him that I'm now contributing to CityBeat. I couldn't be more proud of my friend.

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That sentiment goes for Nat as well. We met from going to shows and mutual friends and her photography, well, it speaks for itself. It's no surprise then, that bands have taken notice as she's shooting more and more bands, and it's also no surprise that Pitchfork would take notice as well. The thing is, Natalie is a scientist by day, and photography has been more of a hobby for her, but I think she's finding her place in both worlds and balances them both well. Natalie will be moving to San Francisco next year, but I know that she'll stay connected to San Diego and covering the music she loves even when she's up in the Bay Area.

I just feel lucky to know both of them and even more so to call them friends. Congrats to both of them.

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Natalie said...

Awww thanks! Such kind words! I heart you, Rosey.