Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fires: Evacuee Information

Many people, especially those out of town or out of state, are trying to find displaced loved ones in the San Diego region. While your concern is understandable, I would like to note there have only been about 20-30 people injured. That includes people in hospitals due to burns (mostly because they failed to evacuate) and the firefighters injured. There was one senior who passed in transport from the Mt Miguel Convalescent home to San Diego High.

But other than these injuries, and while these fires are bleak and dangerous, no major injuries or deaths have been reported. Lots of people (over 300,000 displaced people) have all been moved to shelters or hotels or are staying with friends.

Most of the shelters do not have wi-fi access and residents are being asked not to use cell phones. So please, I know it's hard not knowing where your loved ones are, but I assure you that San Diegans are taking care of San Diego and this is not going to devolve into a Katrina-like situation. Many homes have been lost, and before this is all over, many more will likely be lost, but thus far lives are not in peril, security and safety are covered.

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