Tuesday, October 23, 2007

San Diego Fires: Space Availabale at San Diego Boat and Ski Club

From Lynn at San Diego Boat and Ski Club:

UPDATE 10/24 2:14 PM: If you are looking to go to San Diego Boat and Ski Club, please call Lynn directly at 858 232 2519 before going there.

so we've been here the whole day and night trying to do what we can. we're camping out with our members who were evacuated, some families, friends, and we scouted at qualcomm to bring down families (with their pets) to stay here. but we still have more room and can take more people. spread the word if people need a friendly, kick-back, private place to stay! we've been cooking up a storm and are doing a huge breakfast in the morning and i'm sure we'll do more food all day.
i'm on "graveyard", somehow :) , and so i'll be here all night, probably until around 6am. our doors are open!

directions: 2606 north mission bay drive
8 west to 5 north,
exit clairemont mesa/mission bay drive
left at stoplight
right at stop sign in front of information booth
we are at the very end where it dead-ends inside the white gates.

and if you don't come from the freeway, just get to mission bay drive from balboa or whatever and it's past the golf course, bike trail, across from the trailer park, at the dead end.

again, anyone's welcome so spread the word.

and here's my original post, 'cause why the hell not?

Oct 22, 2007 3:05 PM
couple things here, friends:

if you need a place to stay, the boat club where i work (a big clubhouse, full kitchen, shower, etc on 10 acres of land) has just been "officially" opened for people to stay at. i will be down there at least for some points of today (no, i haven't been evacuated but....) when i was at work last night one of our members had already shown up, saying that his house was on fire and he packed up their motor home and headed to the club. also, if you have a trailer or motor home we have TONS of space, and places to plug in. i am opening this to friends and friends of friends, just call me so i can give them a head's up that a friend is on the way (since it's typically a private club).

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