Monday, October 22, 2007

San Diego Wildfires Create State of Emergency

The seven fires raging throughout San Diego at the moment are merging and burning homes and threatening lives and there is yet to be any containment. A former co-worker lost her house in the Cedar Fire four years ago, and the way the sky glowed orange when I woke up is not something I hoped to ever see again, but by tonight I imagine ash will be raining from the sky here in Kensington.

The county is under crisis.

*If you can stay home today, you should do so. Roadways should be kept clear for emergency vehicles and evacuees.

*If you are told to evacuate, you should evacuate immediately. Currently Ramona and several east county areas have been evacuated but as the fire has jumped the freeway, the entire area between the 56 and Lake Hodges between the 5 and the 15 have been evacuated and the fires are expected to get all the way to the coast.

* Minimize cell phone use. Emergency crews are dependent on the airwaves.

*Conserve water and energy to the best of your ability.

*Keep pets inside.

*Even in "safe" areas, have an idea what you would take with you should you have to evacuate.

Be safe, San Diego.

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Charlie Boyens said...

I live in Temecula just 1 mile over the San Diego County line and cannot find any coverage on the SD fires! Since my address is Temecula, my cable network only give me LA news. I have not been able to find anything on the internet either. My mom live in Pala and we cannot find any info.
Any ideas?