Saturday, April 04, 2020

April 4, 2020: Happy 50th Anniversary To My Parents

An picture of my parents, Rosie & Ed. This pic was taken maybe 5 years ago?
Saturday was kind of a fun day for my family. My parents celebrated their 50th Anniversary, so we threw them a surprise party. Of course, social distancing--and the actual physical distance of our family, we did it Coronavirus 2020 style--via Zoom. My sister Christy coordinated with my godsister Claudia (who lives with my parents) and surprised them with call-ins from my cousins in Indiana and Los Angeles and Pennsylvania, as well as my brother and his family, currently stationed in Rhode Island, and Claudia's brothers in Alabama. We kept it light and my mom retold the story of how they met at a disco in Tijuana in January of 1970 and tied the knot four months later. In reality, if life was normal right now, we probably wouldn't have heard from the extended family, and certainly not at the same time, so sometimes it's good to look at this situation as a giant reset-- for nature, for family, for getting our priorities straight. Happy 50th to my amazing parents. Pics after the jump.

A partial family pic from September 2020

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