Saturday, April 25, 2020

CoViD-19 Diary: City Nature Challenge | Pandemic Fiction | Orangs & Siamangs Get Special Visitors

Maintaining social distance with my nieces 4.25.2020

Darren and I had a really fun last night in our 'speakeasy' and we organized a ton so it's actually a functional space as it was intended. It was such a pretty day, so we kicked it in the yard and made a run to Chula Vista to drop some supplies off for my sister and my mom. My sister had a full on outdoor tent set up with a TV and beach chairs and Christmas lights and it was super cute and easy to socially distance while we chatted. My parents are nuts as ever with my dad planning a full on backyard remodel that is literally going to happen never. I was trying to register them for CalFresh but there was a little more involved than I expected so we'll have to do it another time. For people who are really struggling right now, I would highly recommend seeing if you and your household qualify. It's really time to end the stigma of services set up as a social safety net; this is exactly why those things exist. On our way home, we grabbed some tortillas from Santa Fe Meats on Main Street. It's super frustrating that they have signs up to wear masks (they're mandatory in Chula Vista) yet two of the store staff didn't have them on at all and the other two were both wearing them below their mouths and on their chins. Um, they DON'T WORK that way. But, it's a great shop for meats and whatnot, and they had a lot of restaurant quality toilet paper--generic 4packs for $3.95, or individually wrapped loose rolls, or loose jumbo rolls. We're well supplied there but I know plenty of people are still looking.

The San Diego Zoo posted the cutest video for "World Penguin Day" and I hope it brings you as much joy as it brought me. I'll save the bad news of the world for another day.

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