Saturday, April 11, 2020

CoViD-19 Diary & Links: Comic-Con 2020 To Cancel | SoundDiego | Cleveland Forest Closed | Animal Shelters Empty

Mount Laguna Snow Day (Taken 12.29.2015)
It was a mostly uneventful day though I had some fun cooking a big hearty pasta dinner with a made from scratch sauce,  and we baked some of refrigerated brownies I picked up a while back. I chatted with my mom and had to scold her when she told me she went to a drugstore yesterday. She said she "just ran in real quick" to pick up some vitamins for my dad. AAARRRGH. It only takes one contact. Doesn't she understand that she can be a carrier for 5-14 days and very literally kill my dad who is not doing well at all already? Let alone they could both get this heinous disease caused by this insidious virus? So frustrating. Anyway, I kinda like this little daily diary posts and sharing links and such, so I'll try to keep them up, even when this whole thing is behind us. After the jump.

My latest for NBC SoundDiego:

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