Sunday, April 19, 2020

CoVid-19: Incompetent President Ignored Warnings | VIrtual Earth Day | Covidiots Strike Back | SBA & PPP Failure | SoundDiego

A Juvenile Sitatunga (Antelope) From Our Last Trip To San Diego Zoo Safari Park 3.13.2020
This weekend I've just decided to mimic my sleepy cats. Sleep when I'm tired, be up when I'm up, eat only when I'm hungry. Which has meant more or less going to bed as the sun comes up. I'm just more productive and inspired when everyone else is asleep, and I'm reading a great book right now so I've been pushing through that, too. I guess I also slept extra because I heard back from EDD. Darren was declined, but I got a small benefit so that should help some, meaning the anxiety didn't just have me tossing and turning all night. Cheers to long, restful, completely sober sleep.

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