Wednesday, April 22, 2020

CoVid-19: Mayor Clarifies Park Rules | Landlords Asked To LEAP (Yeah, Right) | Covidiots Doing Donor Dirty Work

A photo from Santa Clara Point Recreation Center in October 2019. This park remains closed.
Okay, now I'm convinced people up top are actually reading my posts. During today's press conference with the mayor, he continually said "household unit" vs "family" as the group with whom you can visit parks (a big complaint I had yesterday.) He also said about reopening the parks, "We are going to continue a data-driven and public safety approach as we look to whether we continue to dial things up, or dial things down." Or keep it dialed in, amirite? Anyway, here's the list of parks with their current status again. I've added it to the COVID-19 page in my permanent tabs, too, for reference, as I imagine it will be fluid.

I have to say it feels like everyone is kinda breaking. This weekend is supposed to hit the 80s and what started as whispers to 'reopen the country' last week are now the only thing we're hearing and talking about and people are getting antsy. I found out my god-sister decided to hang out at a friend's house today and I was pissed. Wherever she goes, she brings back to my parents. You start suspecting everyone else for breaking the-- albeit somewhat arbitrary-- rules and then you're back at being angry at everyone else for breaking rules that the rest of us are following. Still, am I following them? Are my CostCo or Grocery Outlet trips essential? Many could say no. So we all relax a bit and then we're still in this situation because San Diego is still on the uptick and had our biggest 'death day' since this whole thing started. And to say 'you do you' doesn't work because when you do you, you also do me, and my parents and your parents and cousins and so on. It pains me to say, just follow the goddamn rules for once. Links after the jump.

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