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CoViD-19: We Haven't Flattened The Curve Yet | Coronavirus Reactivated? | Raffle House Scam | California Nation-State

I miss La Jolla Cove. This photo has nothing to do with this post. Taken 3.9.2020
I have been posting a lot of Covid-19 news around the clock, but one thing I've been trying to avoid is sharing the daily counts. For one, I still don't think the testing is widely available enough to give any accuracy, and for another, it's important to remember that every number is a human being who has a whole network of people worrying about them or mourning them when they're passing, but I felt like some things are important to share. Also my hot-take on the "San Diego Giving Back Raffle," and some other links, all after the jump.
This post is from Paco Torres, Legislative Director at California State Assembly:
Today's #COVID19 trackers. Los Angeles County has now jumped ahead of SF & the Peninsula for the first time, although San Mateo has the highest infection rate of the populous counties.
Maybe doing this every day is starting to wear on me, but I cannot stress this enough: There is still a long way to go, even here in California. We may be "stretching" the curve, but we are not yet near flattening it. Many people are still going to die in the dark days ahead of us.
For the sake of perspective, New York State is now 10.3 times worse than both SF & the Peninsula and Los Angeles County. Meanwhile, New York City is 12.8 times worse than both SF & the Peninsula and Los Angeles County.
#StayHome #FlattenTheCurve

Today's Important Links:

Some thoughts on the San Diego Giving Back Raffle:
If you've been watching local networks at all, no doubt you've also been seeing a deluge of ads featuring Brian Malarkey encouraging you to buy raffle tickets to support the Ronald McDonald House. And if you're in a position to give donations by buying tickets, by all means, you should give.
However, I think it's important to note that for several years, they never actually gave away the dream house.  This is a deep dive investigation from the U-T (you can also read here if you get blocked by the paywall) that resulted in the charity parting ways with their consultant. There was this U-T follow up in 2019: Dream House Raffle is back ... and this time it is giving away the house (or without the paywall here) but if you read the actual 2020 rules, they've gone back to requiring a minimum amount of tickets are sold to give away the house.
I for one, cannot wait for the drawing to happen so we can stop seeing the ads (and getting them in the mail, too), but that won't happen until July 6th, so at the very least, buyer beware and know what you're getting into. In this time when people are really struggling and suffering staggering financial losses, it would be nice if these ads felt less manipulative with tactics that have been deployed by state lotto and lottery contests for decades.

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