Monday, April 13, 2020

CoViD-19: SoundDiego Pandemic Playlist | Plans to Re-Open | Capitalism Is Broken

Sleepy Malayan Tiger at San Diego Zoo 1.8.2020
Even during the pandemic, I have to say I'm no fan of Mondays, particularly after a holiday because news that was maybe on hold over the weekend just floods out. Being that Easter was originally a 'back to business' target for the idiot in charge, today's news was especially overwhelming. But, it's also important not to let the news of the world take over life, and things are pretty good over here. I miss shows and hiking and shooting photos and going to the ocean, but I'm really good at being a homebody and just sort of melding into my couch (though when this is all over, we probably need a new that doesn't have my permanent ass imprinted.) Darren and I had a very productive Sunday night. Inspired by some beers and tequila shots, we got some organizing done in the studio and it's actually resembling a livable space instead of just a place to store our bikes and pantry items. I slept in. We fed the wild yard bunny. I made carnitas tacos. I looked through old Zoo photos. We watched the sunset from our balcony. Tomorrow our governor is supposed to roll out a plan for lifting current stay-at-home restrictions. I hope everyone is making the best of this situation. Be well. Today's articles and information after the jump.

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