Monday, April 27, 2020

CoVid-19: San Diego Bungles Enforcement Clarification | Pandemic Partisanship | Wi-Fi For Students

Under Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach- Taken September 2017
I guess I've been preparing for all of these closures to last through June or July at the very least. Even longer for the return of shows and concerts. So I feel like the arbitrary pressure of a calendar month ending is no reason for things to be opening up, even if our weather is telling us all it's summer. And the messaging hasn't been clear. Annoyingly, a friend of mine showed video of his dog (not allowed) off-leash (definitely not allowed) at a local beach (not allowed even when it's not a pandemic.) And I keep seeing the same thing on the news...people not wearing their masks correctly if at all, not distancing, these protesting assholes not getting tickets for unlawful assembly or for violating a state health order. It's infuriating. Believe me--I want to go back to the beach. I want to go hiking again. I want to take my dog to Fiesta Island. I want to break out my camera and go to La Jolla Cove and hang out in the sun all day long. But until all those things are actually open and it's safe to hit them again, I just can't trust that my fellow human is considerate enough to follow the rules. I guess I had a lot to say today. After the jump.

  • This is a super cute story about Darren's cousin Kim (his mom's sister's daughter) who has been taking her Appaloosa from her ranch to a senior-living center where they live in Missouri. 
  • The "Phase 1" of San Diego beaches opening left a lot of questions about enforcement, as live news broadcasts showed dozens, maybe hundreds, of people violating boardwalk rules, knocking down signs, and basically doing whatever they wanted to do.
    North County beach cities were pissed because they didn't have any idea that the County was going to give the go-ahead (the "when") on Friday. There were a ton of questions why the City went ahead and implemented beach openings on Monday, when the mayor had stressed that it would be coordinated for the whole region. (See press conference from 4/22 around the 6:45 minute part of the video.)
    During both of Monday's press conferences (the County and the City) we got very non-answer answers about enforcement, and specifically mask enforcement when it's mandated on Friday. Supervisor Cox and Fletcher seemed to say that as long as you had your mask on your person, you only need to put it on within 6 feet of any non-household person, but there's also confusion on whether it should be on at all times or not. And what do you do in the water? Sara Libby at Voice of San Diego covered the problematic enforcement of protesters Sunday, even before all other beach and mask enforcement was further confused on Monday.  
    • Dr. Wooten gave the Wootenest answer of them all (around the 54th minute),"We will use the same enforcement practices that we're using now for all of our health officer's orders. We hope that people will, on an honor system, adhere to the order that's issued, and if our police that are circulating in the community, in the various jurisdictions, the various jurisdictions have the responsibility or the authority, the police in those jurisdictions, to enforce; and as you may or may not know, there have been many...issuances of fines for individuals who have not been adhering to our health officer's orders, so we hope and anticipate that that will continue." HUH?
  • The pandemic has reached peak political partisanship and the argument appears to be health and safety vs economy. My lefty liberal take is that it's really fucking rich coming from the supposed religious-right anti-abortion gun-toting mouthbreathers demonstrating that they'll sacrifice their own covidiot voters to make sure that they maintain their wealth at any and all costs. In the coming days and weeks, you will hear less and less about the human life toll, about the lack of PPE, about the misguidance and misdirection that came from the administration, and more and more about the economic toll (along with the fun effort to blame China, blame WHO, blame anyone but the covidiot-in-chief). Just remember that there are resources to find all the statistics every day, and we certainly have not hit the downward trend locally, statewide, or nationwide that is supposed to be the key marker before economies are opened back up. 
  • This week, San Diego Unified officially moved to online learning. Many other local districts were already active or started at the same time. It probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense to share an article on the internet for people who don't have internet, but this is a pretty good guide with links for each carrier's programs, though only a few apply specifically for our region, and it came in my inbox so if I don't share it now, when will I? I've seen a lot of parents bitching about online support. We've had our problems, too. But can we just think a little more big picture here? People are dying. Just settle down a little bit. 
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