Monday, June 15, 2020

CoVid-19 & Black Lives Matter: Supreme Court Protects LGBT | Violence Against Protesters Documented | County: More Openings, Masks Work, Spikes Will Cause Reclosure

A Meerkat at the San Diego Zoo (Taken 2.12.2020)

Today I found out that the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park will be having "preview days" Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-5pm at both parks for card-carrying members only. This makes me elated and stokes major anxiety in me at the same time. I can't wait to go back to both when it's safe, but is it yet? None of us can really know. If and when I do go there (or anywhere for that matter), you can be sure that in my possession will be my own soap, my own sanitizer, my own toilet paper, and my mask and face shield. I'm not taking any chance.  Anyway, we'll test that out now as we're off to do a La Jolla drive-by, only stopping if it's not insane with foot-traffic. I'll report back later. Some more of today's updates after the jump.

  • The Supreme Court has been busy
  • A Twitter user has accumulated over 500 instances of police brutality against protesters. See the thread here
  • County of San Diego Media Briefing 
    • New industries may open on Friday if taken appropriate precautions and guidelines
      • Personal care (waxing, electrolysis, facials)
      • Tattoo 
      • Massage therapy
    • Reopened County Administration building today
    • State has expanded guidelines for churches to move outdoors so long as physical distancing can be maintained. Also includes protests, weddings. Physical terrain determines capacity for outdoor events. 
    • San Diego has met the goal of 5200 daily tests (5,277 7-day average). Goal is 6600 for Stage 3. Will reach goal of 450 Contact Tracers/Investigators this week. ICU/Hospitalizations are flat in San Diego. 
    • 117 new cases since yesterday. 320 deaths, 1 new since yesterday.
    • 104 congregate/community- 51 are closed. 53 are still active. 18 in SNFs. 22 outbreaks in congregate settings. 13 active outbreaks in community settings. 
    • Wear a damn mask. They work against virus shedding from asymptomatic (and presymptomatic) people. 
    • Media questions:
      • Businesses and restaurants cannot accommodate the same numbers the way they did before
      • People aren't wearing masks
      • Hoping to get cooperation from the public for best practices
      • With help from City, Gaslamp Association, Littly Italy Association expanded street use for bars and restaurants to add outdoor areas to minimize crowding and congregating
      • State licenses SNFs, therefore outbreaks are reported by State
      • OC relaxed mask order. San Diego will continue mandatory face-coverings for adults. Strongly recommend for students once in school, day camps, day cares. We will align with school guidance. 
      • State has provided guidance for weddings. Other parties, receptions, gatherings are still prohibited. 
      • Gaslamp District was pretty bad. Faulconer and SDPD will be providing barricades starting Thursday. 
I recommend subscribing to Statista's daily emails. They're super interesting if you're a statistics and data nerd. 
In comparison, here's San Diego's Budget that just passed. That's $566.5million for San Diego Police Department.

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